Bachelor of Commerce is a 3 year degree program affiliated by University of Lucknow. It is one of the Bachelor of Commerce is a 3 year degree programme affiliated to University of Lucknow. It is one of the most preferred courses by the students of commerce stream. B.Com degree opens up innumerable career options and opportunities to the aspiring commerce graduate. This course also prepares students to start a business of their own as an entrepreneur.
Our primary objective is to enable every student to cope up with the latest developments in contemporary, national and global level through effective transaction of the curricular and cocurricular aspects. The College motivates molds and prepares the students for positions of leadership in business organizations.
The College is focused on the all-round development of the students’ personality through proper education and exposure to the vast treasure of knowledge; sports facilities and by providing platforms for their socialization. College inculcates a sense of civic responsibility, social commitment, and moral accountability among the students through social activities and exposure to human rights, value system, culture, heritage, scientific temper and environment.

Other activities:

• Student Activity Program (SAP) is conducted form 2 nd year onwards. It includes preparation for Group Discussions, Mock-interviews, reasoning skills etc.
• National Service Scheme
• Participation in Indradhanush: Hobby club activities
• Participation in Spardha: Annual Sports Fest
• Participation in Inter college Fest & activities

Program Outcomes

After completing BCOM students will gain expertise in accounting practices, financial system, taxation and its laws, business analysis and business management.
The program will impart knowledge about applicability of financial techniques, project tools, forecasting of business and managing variations of businesses.
The program is designed to develop entrepreneurial and strategic approach in students that will help the students to integrate at social level
The program will develop the managing capabilities in students which will be enhanced by means of understanding global scenario of marketing and human resources management as well.

Semester Wise Subject List

First Semester

  1. 1. Financial Accounting
  2. 2. Business Organisation
  3. 3. Micro Economics-Concept, Consumption & Production
  4. 4. Currency, Banking and Exchange
  5. 5. Essential of Management
  6. 6. Business Communication

    1. Second Semester
      1. 1. Company Accounts
      2. 2. Business Laws
      3. 3. Micro Economics-Exchange and Distribution
      4. 4. Banking Operations
      5. 5. Human Behaviour at Work
      6. 6. Concepts in Valuation

        1. Third Semester
          1. 1. Business Finance
          2. 2. Principles and Practice of Marketing
          3. 3. Statistical Methods
          4. 4. Public Finance
          5. 5. Selling and Advertising
          6. 6. Introduction of International Business

            1. Fourth Semester
              1. 1. Cost Accounting
              2. 2. Contemporary Audit
              3. 3. Foreign Trade of India
              4. 4. Export-Import Procedures and Documentation
              5. 5. Managing Human Resources
              6. 6. Information Systems and E-Commerce

                1. Fifth Semester
                  1. 1. Goods and Services Tax (GST)
                  2. 2. Labour Welfare Laws
                  3. 3. Macro Economics
                  4. 4. Indian Economy
                  5. 5. Institutional Framework for Business
                  6. 6. Business Operations

                    1. Sixth Semester
                      1. 1. Income Tax Law and Accounts
                      2. 2. Principles and Practice of Insurance
                      3. 3. Applied and Business Statistics
                      4. 4. Economics of Public Enterprises
                      5. 5. Company Law and Secretarial Practice
                      6. 6. Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship & ProjectPlanning
                      7. 7. Comprehensive Viva-voce

                        1. Course Outcome

                          B.Com Course Outcome


                          B.Com Syllabus


                          1. Dr. Urooj Siddiqui
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