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SMS Alumni Association is established to provide an active institutional framework for professional development, interaction and networking for the holistic development of alumni association of SMS, Lucknow.All those students who have successfully completed their Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs at SMS,Lucknow (including PGDM, B.Tech, BBA and BCA) are eligible for membership in SMS Alumni Association. Most of the members of this association today work in different domestic and multinational companies in middle and top level management. Even some have stepped into higher education and research works. With SMS alumni pursuing careers in the corporate world in various locations in Asia-Pacific, Australia, USA, Europe and Middle East, SMS alumni Association now has a global presence.SMS Alumni Association facilitates networking among alumni by organizing alumni reunions, batch meets and other related activities. It also assists alumni in lateral career movement and career development. SMS Alumni Association tries to create opportunities where alumni can interact with current SMS students.SMS Alumni Association has developed two chapters. One at Mumbai and other at Delhi, taking care of the respective locale of the former students of SMS,with one distinct head office at Varanasi. The broad objectives of SMS Alumni Association are:

To promote the philosophy and values of SMS Alumni Association related to business education and practice, among academia and industry.
To work with almamater on continuing education programs for the benefit of SMS Students.
To promote knowledge-sharing among SMS faculty, students and alumni.
To cater to the networking needs of the SMS alumni by enabling frequent exchanges of views at meets and reunions.
To seek academic contributions from the alumni for the publications of Journals and newsletters.
To Constitute a Core Committee for the Different Chapters to impress upon the composition, constitution and working of the members.

The major activities and contributions of the Alumni Cell can be said to be as follows:
a) A firsthand experience of the alumni gets easily transferred to the students.
b) Regular formal and informal feedback is taken from the alumni to help us improve the systems and gain insights for curriculum revision.
c) Alumni are also involved in other activities like Seminar/ Conferences – in the conduct of such events, inviting them as delegates, getting sponsorships through their contacts.

The previous meetings of the Alumni Cell were conducted as follows:
• First Alumni Meet was held on 23rd November 2013 at the Campus at Lucknow which was attended by 80 alumni and in which formal formation of the Alumni Association was done.
• Second Meet was conducted on 17th January 2015 at New Delhi wherein the Alumni Delhi Chapter was given a formal Colour.
The Third Meet was held on 28th February 2015 at the SMS Lucknow Campus.

SMS Lucknow Alumni Cell

Name:Dr. Dharmendra Singh
Designation:Professor & Dean
Qualification:Ph.D. (Mathematics)
Contact No.:07525801021
Name:Mr Surendra Srivastava
Designation:GM (Corporate Affairs)
Contact No.:08953998906, 9792633331,
Designation:Assistant Professor-II
Qualification:MBA,NET (Management), LLB, B.Com
Name:Mr. Satyajeet Asthana
Designation:Assistant Professor-II
Qualification:UGC- NET (Management), PGDM, B.E, NIIT-Swift Expert & QAI Certified

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