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Following its tradition, School of Management Sciences, Lucknow organized its Annual Intra-Institute Sports Fest (SPARDHA-2018) from 21st -25th January, 2018 with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Following Teams/ students emerged as winners in the different events-

Summary of the Events:

1. Overall Sports Winner – UG Blasters (Management UG)

2. Cricket Winner: Mechanical Warriors (ME)

3. Basket Ball Winner: – Civil Challengers (CE)

4. Basket Ball Winner (Girls): – UG Blasters (Management UG)

5. Volley Ball Winner: Civil Challengers (CE)

6. Football Winner: UG Blasters (Management UG)

7. Table tennis winner: Shashank Singh (Management UG)

8. Table tennis winner (Girls): Samagya Singh (Management UG)

9. Carom Winner: Zeeshan Ahmed (Mechanical Warriors)

10. Carom Winner (Girls): Akriti Singh (United Cruisers (EC)

11. Chess Winner: Shivam Mishra (Civil Challengers)

12. Short Put Winner: Asad Imam Rizvi UG Blasters (Management UG)

13. Javelin Throw Winner:Shrestha Suryavanshi Civil Challengers (CE)

14. 100 Meter Race: Nitesh Sahu UG Blasters (Management UG)

15. 100 Meter Race (Girls): Babita (PG Royals)

16. Pool: Amit Kr. Rajak UG Blasters (Management UG)

17. Long Jump: Shrestha Suryavanshi Civil Challengers (CE)

18. 200 Meter Race: Nitesh Sahu UG Blasters (Management UG)

19. 400 Meter Race: Nitesh Sahu UG Blasters (Management UG)


1. Business Quiz Winner: Team Ashoka: Om Prakash, Aman Kr Gupta ( M.E III year)

2. Rangoli Winner: Akriti singh, Shaily Singh, Kritika Singh (B.Tech CS II Year)

3. Mehndi Competition: Shivangi Rai; (H) – III Year

4. Calligraphy: Lalita Rastogi; BBA -I Year

5. Sketching: Manya Nigam; BBA I Year

6. Face Painting: Shalini Yadav, Shivangi Rai, (h) III year

The formal closing ceremony of Spardha – 2018 was organized on January 25, 2018 in the benign presence of the Chief Guest of the programme, Mr. HEERA LAL, Special Secretary Culture and Director Culture Government of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow.