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Retail Management

B.Voc. – Retail Management                                                                                Duration 3 Years

Retailing is a vital part of the business industry that involves selling products and services to consumers. With the tremendous growth of the economy, retail management has emerged as one of the fastest growing careers in India. The enormous expansion of the sector has thrown up a big demand for skilled professionals in the field.

Job roles after exit at various levels in Retail Sector:



Corresponding NSQF Level

Job Role(s) after Exit

Certificate (Retail Management) 6 Months 4 Stores OperationsAssistant, Cashier.Trainee Associate,Sales Associate,DistributorSalesman
Diploma (Retail Management) 1 Year 5 Team Leader
Advanced Diploma (Retail Management) 2 Years 6 DepartmentalManager
B.Voc. Degree (Retail Management) 3 Years 7 Deputy StoresManager

Why Retail Marketing ?

bvoc retail

  • India is witnessing 45-48% CAGR growth in retailIndustry. (
  • Consumer spending increasing at 11% annually.(Increase in per capita Income)
  • India ranks 1st for top international destination for retail investment.
  • Global Giants entering into India.
  • Untapped opportunities in Rural Retailing.
  • Very few Education providers in Retail Industry.
  • Course Structure as per Industry requirements.


Job prospects in Retail Sector are :

      Entry Level        Executive Level       Manager Level
  • Sales Support Associate
  • Support Staff
  • Floor Staff
  • Customer Sales Associate
  • Department Manager / Floor Manager/ Category Manager
  • Customer Sales Associate
  • Department Manager / Floor Manager/ Category Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Retail Operation Manager
  • Retail Buyers and Merchandisers
  • Manager Back-end Operations