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25-26 February, 2017

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Managing Uncertainty: Prospects, Challenges & Strategies

It was an auspicious day when another chapter in research has to be written in School of Management Sciences, in the form of a two day national seminar titled Managing Uncertainty: Prospects, Challenges & Strategies on 25th and 26th February 25, 2017.

As the tradition of the gurukul, the event started with the blessings of Saraswati Vanadana in the form of Vandana and lighting of lamp.

Inaugural Session @ National Conference

The inaugural session marked the presence of dignitaries of the industry and academia viz. Mr. Alok Ranjan as Chief Guest, Mr. Prem Singh as Guest of Honor, Prof. Sabyasachi Sinha as Keynote Speaker, Mr. Kumar Lalit (GM-HR, Tata Motors ), Mr. A. K. Mathur (VP & Executive Director, LMA).

Start of the event was marked by the address of Conference Chair, Prof. Dr. Manoj Mehrotra who welcomed all dignitaries, guest and students and introduced the college. He made the importance of conference by marking the words of a very famous author as, “Flexible planning, navigational leadership, agility, developing resonance, open collaboration, diversification and concentration are important for handling uncertainty”.

Mr. Kumar Lalit (GM-HR, Tata Motors) started by stating that, “uncertainty is important for future to come in and it is the only certain thing in the world”. He also added various ways in which organizations are handling uncertainty. He quoted the case of Pearson and Penguin, KFC regarding handling of uncertainty.

Uncertainty is avoidable and one should be ready to face them. Mr. A. K. Mathur (VP & Executive Director, LMA) mentioned a study of California State of Technology, people facing uncertainty start to behave aggressively but brains of successful people overcome the situation with high EQ.

He also added that situation is a function of two factors viz. controllable and uncontrollable where knowledge is missing, our interest should stick on controllable but prepare for uncontrollable.

Prof. Sabyasachi Sinha (Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at IIM, Lucknow) mentioned the term VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complex and Ambiguity) very beautifully with numerous examples. Mental orientation is very necessary for handling such uncertainty. He mentioned that we get into a box and then we don’t even realize it. A very remarkable statement was made by him, “if you don’t mind other businesses in addition to your business then your business will not remain your business anymore”. He elaborated it by various examples.

Mr. Sinha added that if we manage the basics and listen even the weakest of signals then we can handle uncertainty more easily. He stated that if an organization designs ‘Dominant Coalition’ effectively then half of the task of listening, handling weak signals is done.

“Do well by doing good” – Ethical Corporation, this was one of the important suggestion made by the orator to handle the VUCA issues.

Evolution of new technologies and knowledge are new shahstras that one can use for grabbing the opportunities raised by uncertainties. Mr. Prem Singh iterated that “problems are actually opportunities”.

“Values create value” i.e. value based behavior by business leaders creates value for business, as stated by Mr. Singh. He said that change is accelerated in recent days, one cannot manage change, cannot manage environment, but one can take them as opportunities. He considered that challenges are in the mind, not in actuality, stressed with example of Michael Jordan.

Mr. Alok Ranjan (Chief Advisor, CM, UP) started the speech by saying that, while making any strategy a manager needs to include the uncertainty factor. Adaptability to change, innovation are keys to handle uncertainty.

Mr. Ranjan marked the acceleration of change by saying that Homo Sapiens will change to cyborgs in near future. He iterated by saying that with genetic engineering one can have DNA maps as required.

Unveiling of Publications was also organized at the Conference. It was a prestigious moment for the gurukul to have good inhouse publications viz., Souvenir, Adhyayan – A Journal of Management Sciences, Vol(6) that got unveiled on the platform of the conference. The conclusion of session was marked by presentation of customized mementoes to the dignitaries on the dias.

The end of inaugural session was by the vote of thanks extended by Prof. .(Dr.) B.R. Singh with heartfelt thanks to the dignitaries, academicians, students, college management and sponsors. After that national anthem made goose bumps in all present.

Plenary Session @ National Conference

Session moderator Prof. Dr. Manoj Mehrotra (Director, SMS, Lucknow), guest speakers viz., Mr. Srijan Pal Singh (Co-founder & CEO, Dr. A. P.J Abdul Kalam Center), Mr. Gaurav Prakash (Founder Chair CII Young India & Young Business Leaders Forum), Mr. Nilanjan Mukherjee (AGM – HR, Relaxo Footwears Ltd.), Mr. Chanchal Mehra (Operations Manager, ITC Ltd. Agri Business Division) marked the plenary session of conference.

Mr. Srijan Pal Singh (Co-founder & CEO, Dr. A. P.J Abdul Kalam Center) is one of those speakers who are good listener also, so he very humbly mentioned greetings to all the people on dias, dignitaries and even the comparer with name. Starting with address he said that we do not know anything about next 1 min so this is termed as uncertainty.

Very interestingly he mentioned the half life of knowledge he metaphored it with education; he mentioned that all students and teachers should manage this half life of knowledge and avoid obsolescence.

He demonstrated various facets of uncertainty through astronomical examples of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Center.

Mr. Gaurav Prakash (Founder Chair CII Young India & Young Business Leaders Forum) started by saying ‘the combination of EQ, IQ and SQ can help to sustain in uncertainty’. He emphasized that youth should be a stakeholder with the State for the overall development. He enthusiastically mentioned ‘we should start thinking about spirituality, physical fitness then we can talk about growth’. So he added PQ as physical quotient and HQ as happiness quotient to the scene.

Mr. Nilanjan Mukherjee (AGM – HR, Relaxo Footwears Ltd.) is one of those people who are very humble. He was kind enough to actually make a new synonym of SMS-L.

S – Set Goals with example of Florence May Chadwick who swam English Channel

M – Motivate with example of famous football players

S – Self Belief with example of Mahatma Gandhi

L – Listening = Learning with example of famous CEO.

He quoted a case of a CEO who asked his secretary to give time to only those who answer these questions – what is the problem, what is the cause of the problem, Four solutions to problem. In the process of getting answers to these people found solution to their problems by themselves.

‘Uncertainty is a function of political, economic, social, and technological uncertainty’ as stated by Mr. Chanchal Mehra (Operations Manager, ITC Ltd. Agri Business Division). He emphasized the importance of planning, anticipate possibilities and develop strategies for handling uncertainty. At the end he said that ‘if not uncertainty then what? Uncertainty makes us perfect’.

Technical Session I @ National Conference

First technical session marked the presence of Prof. M.A. Usmani a prominent academician and trainer, Prof. Shubhendra Parihar from Jaipuria Institute of Manament and Ms. Kena Shree the Senior HR Manager, NTPC. The start was marked by presentation of bouquet to all dignitaries.

Ms. Kena Shree Senior HR Manager, NTPC started with a beautiful story of a 12 yr old boy explaining uncertainty. One remarkable characteristic of this speaker was that she was really enthusiastic, cheerful and always smiling. She very innocently explained various examples of uncertainty like demonetization, earthquake in Nepal etc. Ms. Shree explained that basic theories will not work rather adaptability will work.

Prof. Shubhendra Parihar from Jaipuria Institute of Management discussed uncertainty in reference to academics. He mentioned the challenges that crop up due to employability of students – the skill gap. Mr. Parihar mentioned the uncertainty examples as Trump Government in US, demonetization etc. He was kind enough to discuss the case of coca cola in reference to uncertainty.

After the announcement of demonetization, Big Bazar gave a message to various customers that they can use 500 and 1000 notes in their stores. This was the opportunity grabbed by big bazaar out of uncertainty. And this was one of the best examples of the conference question of uncertainty.

Prof. M.A. Usmani a Prominent Academician and Trainer made a statement ‘uncertainty is reality of life and we should be ready to embrace it’.

He ended by a urdu quote ‘zindagi de agar fareb tumhe, dil na maila karo, haal ek dil shikan zamana hai, sab guzar jayega sab hai ek pal’.

Various eminent, excellent and eloquent speakers participated in the technical session. Keeping in view the uncertainty of authors to come a new addition was made in the execution of conference in the form of skype presentation. This wing also flowed flawless making various authors to participate in the conference and make immense value addition.

There was a contest of best paper award that was also running in the conference. All the authors needed to adhere to guidelines of time for the same.

Day II@ National Conference Managing Uncertainty: Prospects, Challenges & Strategies @ School of Management Sciences, Lucknow

The second day of the conference marked the presence of various distinguished guests like, Dr. Ramesh Chaturvedi (Assistant Professor, BBAU) a person of core academics and knowledge, Dr. Prem Mohan (Dean and HOD Dr. Shakuntala Mishra Rehabilitation University) prominent academician and researcher, Dr. Athar Mehmood (Assistant Professor at Jaipuria) an idol of learning, training and academics, Mr. Saud Usmani (Senior HR Manager, Tata Motors), a young dynamic professional.

Very sweetly Mr. Saud Usmani Senior HR Manager, Tata Motors started with complementing the efforts of the college. ‘Uncertainty is a window through which future steps in’ as stated by Mr. Usmani. He complemented that uncertainty has the beauty that computers cannot manage that’s where importance of humans come in. NSG commandos are people who handle uncertainty the most for which he quoted a beautiful example of the Taj attack. With the example he explained diffused leadership very effortlessly. Muscle memory the memory and will power to work in VUCA conditions for it he quoted the example of sportsmen. Innovation is another tool that should be handled in VUCA situations. Here also as a true patriot quoted the NSG commandos.

‘One should not be afraid of uncertainty but rather manage it as it is a subject of necessity, one should only learn to manage it’ as stated by Dr. Ramesh Chaturvedi (Assistant Professor, BBAU). He stated that data analytics is a way through which VUCA can be managed. In fact he suggested the students can even choose their career in handling uncertainty.

‘Sukkon mushkil hai dunia k karkhane me, baut mushkil hai jina is zamane me’ as stated by Dr. Athar Mehmood (Assistant Professor at Jaipuria) quoting the accelerated VUCA in modern times. He introduced a new mantra for uncertainty i.e. patience. He said it is one of the most important tool for VUCA, rest come with experience. In addition to this he quoted various examples of uncertainty.

‘Uncertainty will live forever, high risk and high gain. Uncertainty means more than one result that is more then one alternative’ as stated by Dr. Prem Mohan (Dean and HOD Dr.SMNR University). Firms should take uncertainty as an opportunity and convert it to certainty. He quoted Dabur, India for the same. Price uncertainty is another aspect that should be handled so as to sustain in VUCA times. Political, economical uncertainty also affects organizations. He suggested certain tools like having R and D department, handling of managerial economics as management scientist. At the end he appealed audience to get included in the Dr. Shakuntala MIshra University especially for a cause of specially-abled people.

Technical Session II

Various authors participated in the technical session like, Mr. Amit Sinha presented research on the burning issue of disaster management titled “concept, objectives and challenges of disaster management”. Dr. Nidhi Aggarwal presented research in automobile industry titled “developments and future prospects of Indian automobile industry”, Dr. Priya presented research in HRM titled “Green HRM: An approach for sustainable competitive growth”, Ms. Swati Tripathi, Ms. Naina Srivastava presented on the topic of stock market titled “movement of stock market and its effect on banking sector stock”, Ms. Kritika Rastogi and Ms. Sneha Saha presented on the topic “Life Skill Inventory: A Measurement for Managing Behavioral Failures among Employees”, Ms. Priyanka Mishra presented on the topic of “Role of Training and Development of Employees in Organization: A Conceptual Study”, Dr. Abhishek Srivastava, Ms. Prabha Kiran presented on the topic “Twitter Analytics: A Persuasive Tool for Social Media Marketing and Monitoring”, Dr. Anu Kohli and Mr. Ram Singh presented on the topic of “Trend Analysis of Automobile Industry in Dynamic Business Environment ”, Dr. Aditya and Samarth Saxena presented on the topic of “Market Intelligence for Context Advertisement: Analyzing Big Data on Social Media”, Dr. Alok Kumar presented on the topic of Disruptive and Sustaining Innovation in Management Education: A Perspective.

Mr. Ayush Jaiswal presented on the topic of “Enhancing Decision making Abilities in the Era of Uncertainty: An MIS Approach”, Ms. Sapna Singh presented on the topic of “Knowledge Economy: A Game Changer for Country’s Development”, Mr. Deepak Rai and Mr. Ashok Sen Gupta presented on the topic of “Market Volatility: Search for Uncertainty”, Mr. Bibhral Chauhan and Md. Shamshad presented on the topic of “Development of Characterization of Poultry Waste Hybrid Composition”, Ms. Karnika Srivastava presented on the topic of “An Empirical Examination of Perceived Risk on Mobile Banking”, Mr. Vibhuti Vishnoi, Mr. Himanshu Pandey and Mr. Abhilash Trivedi presented on the topic of “Going Cashless: Growth of Indian Economy from Cash to Less Cash to Cashless”, Mr. Anoop Singh Chandel, Mr. K.G. Sinha presented on the topic of “Managing Uncertainties in Construction Projects, Dr. Madhu Tiwari and Dr. Sanjay Joel presented on the topic of “Managing Uncertainties through Risk Aversion”, Ms. Rekha Agarwal presented on the topic of “Electronic Payment in Cashless Economy of India: Effect of Demonetization”.

Kisa Rizvi presented on the topic of “Changing Attitude of Society towards Working Women”, Mr. Abhishek Prajapati and Ms Anamika Pandey presented on the topic of “Uncertainty and Risk: Challenges Faced by Indian Farmers”, Dr. Roopesh Rastogi presented on the topic of “the impact of TRIPS Complaint Patent Laws on R& D Activities of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry”, Ms. Stuti Srivastava presented on the topic of “managing in Human Resource Management, Mr. Umesh Kumar and Ms. Ankita Singh presented on the topic of “Disruptive Marketing: An Answer to Uncertainty and Dynamic Market”, Ms. Divya Singh and Ms Piyali Sardar presented on the topic of “Vibrations of Demonetizations on the Lowest Pyramid of Our Country”, Mr. Afzal Ahmad presented on the topic of “Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Emerging Economics – As Investment Information”.

Ms. Sunita Sharma presented on the topic of “Supply Chain Complexity with Respect to Organized Retail Sector in India”, Ms. Shubham Gaurav presented on the topic of “Antecedents of Uncertainty as Stress: A descriptive Study on Students”, Mr. Sumit Kumar presented on the topic of “Risk Management: An International Diversification Approach for Investors”, Ms. Monica Ahuja presented on the topic of “Factors Effecting the Training Effectiveness in Public and Private sector in India”, Dr. Lavina Singh and Mr. Shivam Shukla presented on the topic of “A study of Personal Adjustment and Risk Taking Behavior among Students”, Ms. Sana Khanam presented on the topic of “Consumer Psychology and Investment Pattern”.

Ms. Pallavi Mohaley and Mr. Alok Dubey presented on the topic of “Tremendous Impact on Indian IT sector after the New Policy Introduced by US President Donald Trump”, Mr. Vaibhav Mishra and Mr. Sushil Mishra presented on the topic of “Climate Change and Well Being”.

At the end of the session Dr. Athar Mehmood a renowned professor from Jaipuria shared certain suggestions for good research paper presentations. The official end was marked by giving of customized mementoes and shawls to the dignitaries on the dais as token of respect.

Valedictory Session

Valedictory of the two day national conference marked the presence of various eminent speakers viz., Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Mehrotra (Conference Chair and Director, SMS, Lucknow), Guest of Honor Mr. Sankalp Mohan Bharadwaj (GM, Sales, Vodafone), Guest of Honor Mr. Anjani Kumar Srivastava (DGM, SIDBI, Lucknow), Chief Guest Prof. Subrata Chakraborty (Former Director, Jaipuria Institute of Management) and Mr. Saud Usmani (Senior HR Manager Tata Motors).

Mr. Saud Usmani very nicely extended thanks to the college management and gave useful insights on the issue.

Mr. Sankalp Mohan Bharadwaj (GM, Sales, Vodafone) explained the meaning of uncertainty and demonstrated that it is good and keeps the organizations on toes and gives opportunities. So he transformed the topic from managing uncertainty to managing opportunities. He discussed the telecom industry as young and dynamic with disruptive growth with a silent revolution from ‘phone on ears to phone in hands’ i.e. data revolution triggered by skype, twitter, facebook, etc. He extrapolated the next revolution as data infra as huge opportunity. He mentioned, Quad play – the new buzz in telecom i.e. T.V, telephone, broadband internet on mobile handset. Mr. Bharadwaj deliberated that ecosystem is ready for this revolution.

Guest of Honor Mr. Anjani Kumar Srivastava (DGM, SIDBI, Lucknow) very humbly praised the conference at the college. Mr. Srivastava claimed uncertainty as disruptive with total paradigm shift which generations have encountered, we faced it and of course future generations will also face it.

He deliberated the fact that working of banks is also changing owing to the VUCA times. He suggested the students to have faith in themselves and dream big and think of something that you can do and try to become entrepreneurs.

Concluding Remarks by Ms. Suchita Vishwakarma opened with glittering stars of success of the conference in the form of immense number of more than 150 papers. Ms. Vishwakarma very patiently mentioned every speaker of each session.

Chief Guest Prof. Subrata Chakraborty (Former Director, Jaipuria Institute of Management) started by cracking smart jokes and making the audience lively. He quoted ‘How to take advantage of opportunity cropped out of uncertainty – should be discussed’. Mr. Chakraborty deliberated the two facets that mark the present stage, these are speed and multiplicity with super examples like ITI who were not able to survive owing to the fact that they were not able to redress the present situation. In gist he said that preparedness is necessary for sustenance.

He said that organization can encounter various opportunities and can encounter these in combination or in individual. The first of these is variations (with example of yoga guru entering into FMCG), foreseen uncertainties, unforeseen uncertainties (with example of telecom industry) and chaos. All these converge to the synonym called VUCA. The basic assumption says that future can be predicted through powerful analytical tools, forecasting models etc. Future behaves as past has behaved.

Risk management is reactive rather than proactive which is a wrong belief – He Quoted. He demonstrated two system viz., one is intuitive, emotional, metaphorical, always working and another is rational and analytical.

Best Paper Award were given to the presenters. Consolation Prizes were awarded to Mr. Leon Chung Research Scholar from Babu Banarasi Das University, Km. Shubham Gaurav Student from School of Management Sciences, Ms. Kisa Rizvi, Research Scholar from Shri Ram Swaroop Memorial University. Third best paper award was given to Ms. Karnika Srivastava, Research Scholar Shri Ram Swaroop Memorial University. Second Best Paper Award was given to Shalini Aggarwal, Dean Shri Ram Swaroop Memorial University, Computer Science Department. The best paper award was given to Dr. Alok Kumar, Professor at School of Management Sciences, Varanasi.

Vote of Thanks by Mr. Asad Kareem Usmani The Convener of National Conference very humbly thanked the Chief Patron, Patron, chief guests, guests of honor, conference chairs, session chairs, plenary speakers, researchers, corporate, academic delegates, organizing committees for putting effort in the two day national seminar. He deliberated the success of the conference in few sweet and simple words.

Important Dates:

Online Submission of Abstract: 10 January 2017

Intimation of Acceptance Within one week of submission

Full paper Submission:
February 10, 2017

Conference Dates:
25, 26 February, 2017

Final presentation Schedule