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Computer Aided Engineering Graphics Lab: To provide  the undergraduate engineering student with a background in descriptive geometry, orthographic projection, engineering drawing techniques, and computer-aided engineering graphics.

Workshop Practice Lab: It is a very vast area and deals with various different aspects of workshop. It explains the use of different tools, equipments machinery and techniques of manufacturing such as carpentry shop, welding shop, foundry shop etc.

Engineering Mechanics Lab: To analyze the forces, finding resultant forces considering the equilibrium of various bodies encountered in engineering problems.

Manufacturing Science Lab: To study about the various manufacturing and machining processes and techniques such as primary shaping processes like casting, bending ,drawing etc and surface finishing processes.

Fluid Mechanics Lab: This lab deals with finding the behavior of fluid such as discharge, velocity etc under the conditions of rest and motion.

Fluid Machinery Lab: This lab is vital for Mechanical Engg. Students. This lab contains pitot static tubes, orifice discharge, jet impact, orifice and venturimeter , Bernoulli’s apparatus etc. experiment on metacentric height, Reynolds no., boundary layer thickness, coefficient of discharge.

Theory of machine Lab: This lab helps the students know about various types of linkage mechanisms. It also includes the working kits of Governors, Balancing Equipment, Gear Trains, Coriolis Components, gyroscope, whirling shaft ,inversions of four bar mechanism, single/double slider crank mechanism .involute  gear tooth profile mechanism,etc.

Automobile Engineering Lab: This lab contains various working models and experimental setups like 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke Engines, Steering System, Suspension System, Fuel Supply and Ignition System, differential gear system etc.

Refrigeration & Air-conditioning lab: This lab enables the students to know about various types of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning systems.. The equipments include Refrigeration Test Rig, Cooler, Simple Vapour Compression System, and Domestic Refrigerator, Vapour compression Refrigeration System, Air Conditioner and Cut Sections of different components.

Measurement & Metrology Lab: The measuring devices like vernier caliper, micrometer, tachometer, sine bar, slip gauge, bevel protector, feeler gauge, dial indicator Sine Bar, Slip Gauges, Dial Indicators, Pressure Measurements and Temperature Measurements Equipments, Filler Gauges, Vernier Callipers etc.

Thermodynamics Lab:  The overall aim of the Laboratory is to investigate and develop innovative and practical solutions to problems in thermodynamics and heat transfer. The Laboratory includes undergraduate experiments in air conditioning, heat transfer, internal combustion engines, boilers, steam turbine and refrigeration.

Heat & Mass Transfer Lab: It includes experiments like the test rig of thermal conductivity, specific heat of air test rigs, Pin Fin Apparatus, Stephen Boltzmann Const. Apparatus, Heat Flux Apparatus, critical insulation apparatus, two phase heat transfer, parallel/counter heat exchanger etc.

Material Science & Testing Lab: This lab is equipped with various testing machines like Universal Testing Machine of 40T capacity, Impact Testing Machine, Hardness Testing Machine, Metallurgical Microscopes, and Polishing Machine etc. This laboratory is used by students for both coursework and project work.


Lethe Machine Universal Testing Machine Milling Machine Shaper Machine Applied Termodynamics Babcock & Wilcox Boiler Balancing Appratus Boiler Fluid Mechanics Fluid Mechinery Lab Free Natural Convetion Appratus Heat Pipe Demonstrator Ignition System Inversion of four Bar Mechanism DSC_0536 Lancashire Boiler Natural & Force Flow Convection Appratus Open Hearth Furnace Parallel & Counter Flow Heat Exchanger Refrigration Test Rig Window AC Test Rig Thermal Conductivity of Liquid Appratus Two Stage Reciprocating Test Rig Compreesore Universal Governar Appratus