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Prof. (Dr.) Bharat Raj Singh
: Prof. (Dr.) Bharat Raj Singh
: Director (IET)
: a) Contribution made as Coordinator (RC-1247), Aakash Workshop organised by IIT- Bombay at School of Management Sciences, Lucknow held on 10-11 Nov. 2012. b) Invented First compressed air-powered bike that is featured in the Limca Book of Records c) Invented Solar Car d) Convener of International Seminar on “Sources of Planet Energy, Environmental and Disaster Science: Challenges & Strategies (SPEEDS-2013 & 2014) e) Is working on Carbon Foot Print and other Environmental issues
: BE (Mechanical Engg.); ME (Mechanical Engg.); Ph.D. (UPTU, Lucknow)
: Apprx. 40 Years service in U.P. State Government
: 10 Years in academics at various positions
: More than 84-papers in leading International/National Journals and Conferences, Symposium and Seminars.
: a) Development and Analysis of a Novel Air Engine; ISBN: 978-3-8443-8171-9; Lap LAMBERT Academic Publishing, UK. b) The Impact of Air Pollution on Health, Agriculture and Technology; ISBN: 978-953- 307-528-0, Full Chapter: Influence of the air Engine on Global Warming Issues - 21st Century Fuel Technology; InTech Open Access Publisher, Rijeka, Croatia. c) Fossil Fuel and The Environment; ISBN: 979-953-307-561-6, Full Chapter: Global Trends of Fossil Fuel Reserves and Climate Change in the 21st Century; InTech Open Access Publisher, Rijeka, Croatia. d) A Hand Book on Friction Stir Welding; ISBN: 978-3-659-10762-7, Lambert Academic Publishing, GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, UK. e) Global Warming - Impacts and Future Perspective" -Book edited by: Prof. Dr. Bharat Raj Singh; ISBN:979-953-307-820-4, DOI: 10.5772/2599 Publisher: InTech; 352 pages, published 19 September 2012, Price: 100 € (Euro)=6,700.00 INR, InTech Open Access Publisher, Rijeka, Croatia and 2-Full Chapters. f) Climate Change - Realities, Impacts Over Ice Cap, Sea Level and Risks" -Book edited by: Prof. Dr. Bharat Raj Singh; ISBN:978-953-51-0934-1; DOI: 10.5772/3459 Publisher: InTech; 508 pages, published 16 January 2013, Price: 100 € (Euro)=6,700.00 INR, InTech Open Access Publisher, Rijeka, Croatia, and 1-Full Chapter. g) Text Book - Can Glacier and Ice Melt Be Reversed?" - Book Authored by : Roman Espejo; ISBN:978-073-77-6826-8, Publisher: Cengage Learning Publishing, 104 pages, Price:$35.95 ; Text Book-USA Chapter:7-from Prof. BRSingh .
: Unconventional Manufacturing Processes, Industrial Engineering, Thermodynamics and Automobiles and Research field is in Sustainable Energy Resources, Environment and Development of Zero Pollution Air Engines
: a) Member of Editorial / Advisory Boards of about 39- leading International Journals, b) Reviewer of many Journals such as: ASME, USA; IMechE, UK, Elsevier, Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Korea; Academic Journals, Africa; World Academics of Science, Engineering and Technology, Turkey etc. and reviewed about 135- papers c) Member of Technical Expert, Council of Science & Technology, Govt. of UP-for 3- Years vide OM:CST/D-2330 dated: Dec. 04, 2013 and d) Member of Institution of Engineers (India) in 1978, Chartered Engineer (India) in 1985, Fellow (FIE) in 1985, Member of International Association of Engineers; IAENG-105641 (M) in 2010 and Life Member-The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), India-LM94486,in 2014.
: brsingh@smslucknow.com
Mr. Adhir Tandon
: Mr. Adhir Tandon
: Assistant Professor III
: Head of Department, ME
: B.E. , M.Tech, Ph.D.(Pursuing)
: 07 years of Industrial Experience and 08 years of Research Experience
: 13 Years
: 3 International, 7 National
: IC Engines, Alternate fuels, Vehicular Pollution, Thermodynamic analysis of energy harvesting and storage, Thermal Management, Energy Systems, Turbo machinery, Industrial and Management Engineering, Operations management, ERP
: Life Member-The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), India
: adhirtandon@smslucknow.com
Mr. Dheeraj Kumar
: Mr. Dheeraj Kumar
: Assitant Professor - II
: B. Tech. (ME), M. Tech.(MT&A)
: 1 Year
: 7 Year
: 13
: Material Science, Production Technology, Mechanical Vibration, IC Engine, Power Plant Engg.
: Attended/Presented Papers at various International/National Conferences, Attended Short term courses at IIT Roorkee.
: dheeraj@smslucknow.com
Mr. Pankaj Kumar Yadav
: Mr. Pankaj Kumar Yadav
: Assitant Professor - II
: Diploma Co-ordinator, Project Guide, EEP
: B. Tech. (ME), M. Tech.(Hydraulic)
: 1 Year
: Operation Research, Hydraulics, Thermal Engineering
: Guest lecturer at DIT Dehradun.
: pankajkumar@smslucknow.com
Mr. Ankit Singhal
: Mr. Ankit Singhal
: Assistant Professor–I
: ME Third Year, Mentor.
: B.Tech
: 4 Years
: OR, TOM, ATH, PPE, SOM, IM, etc
: ankitsinghal@smslucknow.com
Mr. Aditya Prakash Yadav
: Mr. Aditya Prakash Yadav
: Class Co-ordinator
: B. Tech. (ME), M.Tech.(MACHINE DESIGN)
: 4.5 Years
: Heat and Mass Transfer , Applied Thermidyanamics, Machine design
: adityaprakash@smslucknow.com
Mr. Gyanendra Kumar Yadav
: Mr. Gyanendra Kumar Yadav
: Assistant Professor- I
: Class Co-ordinator
: B. Tech. (ME), M.Tech.(MACHINE DESIGN)
: 3 Year
: 2
: Mechanics of Material, Dynamics of Machine, Modeling and Simulation, CAE
: Auto CAD
: gyanendra@smslucknow.com
Mr. Gaurav Kumar Ojha
: Mr. Gaurav Kumar Ojha
: Assistant Professor- I
: Project guide
: B.E, M. Tech (Hon.)
: 5 Year
: 6
: SOM,Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, RAC, Production Engineering
: Auto CAD, Pro-E, MATLab
: gauravojha@smslucknow.com
Mr. Anoop Kr. Singh
: Mr. Anoop Kr. Singh
: Assistant Professor–I
: B. Tech, M. Tech
: 3 years
: 1 National
: Thermal Engineering
: anoopsingh@smslucknow.com