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Microprocessors Lab: In this practical course the students undergo training on the programming and also interfacing different microprocessors and micro-controllers. The facilities in the lab are 8085, 8086 trainer kits. The objective of this lab is to prepare its students with good foundation in microcontroller programming so that they become graduate and effective system engineers.

Communication Lab: This lab is equipped with Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, cathode-ray oscilloscope, Function generators & various kits for implementing and understanding Communication circuits/ techniques. It enhances the knowledge about various Communication techniques like AM, FM, PM, DSB-SC, SSB-SC, PAM, PPM, PWM, PCM etc.

Microwave & Optical Fiber Lab:  Microwave and Fiber optics lab is used by B.Tech students to enhance their skills in Microwave Communication field. It consists of various microwave benches having klystron and Gunn diode as microwave sources. By using these benches we can find out various characteristics of microwave devices like couplers, tees, circulators, isolator’s etc.This lab also includes experiments of optical fiber communication. By using the trainers, we can develop analog and digital communication link and also used for verification of multiplexing and de-multiplexing of signal.

Electronic Circuit & Design Lab: In this practical course students will carry out a design oriented project work using various analog/digital building blocks which they have already studied in their analog electronic/digital electronic courses such as Electronic circuits, integrated circuits and filter design. Students will use PIECEPICE software for the purpose of designing which represents a new generation of CAD/CAE software for circuit design.

Internet Lab:  The Internet lab is equipped with 40 personal computers having Internet facility (LAN) with 1 Gbps speed. The configuration of computer systems is 1 GB RAM with 80 GB hard disc and core 2 duo (2.40 GHz) processor. The lab provides internet facility for students and faculty members of the department.

Dsp Lab: This lab consists of software C studio. It enables you to perform computationally intensive tasks faster than with traditional programming languages such as C, C++, and FORTRAN. we can use this software in a wide range of applications.

Electronics Workshop & PCB Lab:  Lab is to learn & design the PCB of various circuits. Lab is well equipped with all types of designing tools & chemicals. Drilling machine, Shearing machine & Transformer winding machine is available in two set for the ease of convenience. Single sided PCB of Analog circuits can be designed in this Lab. Final year students of ECE & EN also use this Lab to complete their project work.

Measurement Lab:  The Measurement and Instrumentation Lab is equipped with various transducers and instrumentation trainers, resistive, capacitive and inductive measurement systems, Weins Bridge Oscillator and Wheatstone bridge.. The lab helps the students to gain hands on experience in different types of transducers and measurement systems.

Digital Electronics Lab:  Digital Electronics Laboratory is fully equipped with the required instruments such as C.R.O., Multi meters, signal Generator etc. to conduct experiments with digital ICs for UG students. It helps students to enhance their knowledge about various electronics equipments like shift registers, counters, adders, subtractors and  seven segment display devices etc .

Analog Integrated Circuit Lab: . This lab is used to enhance the knowledge about various electronics equipments both passive as well as active. This lab is equipped withf various filters, comparators, log antilog amplifiers and peak detector circuits is done using operational amplifier IC. This lab is very essential for students to learn theoretical concept by designing circuits practically.

Control Lab:  The Systems and Control Lab is equipped with ac and dc motor controller, synchro transmitter-receiver trainer and digital oscilloscopes. The intention of this lab is to introduce the fundamentals of various analog and digital control systems, for testing, calibration and diagnostic of various control systems, PID controllers and interfacing, and for diverse student projects.

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