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Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering is one of the core branches of the Engineering and Technology with involvement of engineering professionals towards major activities in the global infrastructure development. Its principles are involved in the Planning, design, construction and managerial control over nearly all of the infrastructural activities and developments. This branch is involved for design and construction of residential to high rise residential and non-residential buildings, design and construction of road, bridges, dam, thermal and hydro-power projects, factory buildings, educational and medical buildings, sewerage and water works projects etc. and so on.
The Civil Engineering Department, right from the inception of establishment of SMS Institute of Technology, at Lucknow in 2010, has been offering undergraduate four years degree course i.e. B.Tech. in Civil Engineering.

The current area of study includes: Engineering drawing, Strength of Materials, Building Materials & Construction,Surveying,Machine Drawing, Structural Analysis, Fluid Mechanics, Geoinformatics Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machines, engineering geology, Geotechnical Engineering, Design of Concrete Structures, Transportation Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Management, Design of Steel Structures, Water Resources Engineering, Construction Technology & Management, Advanced Foundation Design, Transportation System and Planning, Industrial Pollution Control, Plastic Analysis of Structures, Computer Aided Design, Environmental Management in Industries, Engineering & Managerial Economics, Human Values, etc.