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Library is the mirror of every institution and it reflects how serious an institute is towards the education of their students. Great care has been taken to see that the library should be one of the finest libraries of Management, Engineering & Technology in Lucknow. It is growing steady in the means of its resources, facilities and services. Library of SMS, Lucknow is modern and digital having Soul 2.0 Software. It has collection of almost all the types of documents available in various medias, in the field of management, engineering & technology.

Collection : The Library of SMS Technical Campus Lucknow at present has total collection of around 16000 books with 4000 number of titles. Apart from this, there is also a significant collection of 100 journals (national and international) & also 164 online journals, magazines and non-print material including 750 CDs & DVDs, etc. Books are basically organized by Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) scheme and cataloguing is based on AACR-II.

In addition to this students are facilitated with 18 newspapers. Keeping in view the competitive environment & knowledge fertility the library also has about 24 national and international magazines

Digital Library :  SMS Library houses many items of academic interest including text books, reference books, scientific & technical journals, along with electronic & audio visual resources like CD-ROM, DVD, NPTEL and online journals on management, engineering & technology. Users have full access to the complete range of Library resources with the help of  Soul 2.0 software, e-Library facility is also provided. The digital library is managed by DELNET.

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