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Institute of Mgt. Sciences

Director Speaks

director, Institute of Engg. & Tech.
Prof. M. Mehrotra
Managing is not only universal in scope. It is also a vital skill those possessing it are much in demand. Besides the difference between a life of outstanding achievements or a life of mediocre achievements is simply a story of effective or ineffective self-management. Having realized the role management skills play in personal and professional success, we at SMS, Lucknow strive to create the right conditions for management education. All our systems, all the people, every piece of infrastructure are focused on this goal. In simple words, producing competent managers with sound ethical values is our core mission. Our sincere efforts have already started bearing fruits. Yet, we shun complascence. We continuously innovate. Tirelessly. We believe that robust systems and processes are the backbone of every mature management institute. Our systems have attained quality norms worth emulating. We are proud to lead by conscious choice.

Wishing you all the best,

Yours sincerely,
Prof. M. Mehrotra
Director,Institute of Management Sciences
SMS, Lucknow