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19th Kilometer Stone, Sultanpur Road,
Lucknow-Uttar Pradesh
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Director General (Technical)

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Prof. (Dr.) B.R. Singh
Dear Sir/ Madam,It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you and introduce you to School of Management Sciences (Technical Campus), Lucknow, the centre of professional excellence of Awadh region. I believe that the institute is destined to develop ideally on the national horizons of quality and value oriented technical education at the earliest.In the recent times there is a global recession in the world market, which has resulted a great metamorphosis in the technological sector. To carry forward the growth that India has been witnessing in the recent years, we require highly trained & professionally competent technocrats who along with their technical prowess have the human touch as well. It is my firm belief that the remarkable blending of world class physical infrastructure and its strong team of brilliant and dedicated faculty shall passionately nurture the talent of students with the best possible holistic and professional package to make them competent professionals of the Corporate World.I always advise my students to make the best use of the opportunities and challenge them to aim high and contribute to the enrichment of academic environment today, and later to lead professions so that they effectively contribute to the improvement of society; I encourage our faculty to continue providing a stellar professional education and exploring innovative venues for research and creative inquiry.

Wishing you all the best..

Yours Sincerely,

Prof. (Dr.) B.R. Singh
Director (Engineering)
Institute of Engineering & Technology,
SMS, Lucknow